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Book a Air conditioning service today


AC service Air conditioning has become a standard feature in most modern cars and needs regular checking to ensure optimum operation and a long service life. Our professional workshops can be relied upon for expert maintenance of car air conditioning.

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Professional maintenance and repair of mechanical braking systems


A perfectly functioning braking system is vital not just for you but for all other road users as well. Be on the safe side and have the condition of all system components checked at regular intervals; every vehicle contains any number of parts which are subject to natural wear in the course of…

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Easter Hours


Good Friday Closed Saturday Car Sales Open 9am till 5pm Sunday Closed Bank Hoilday Monday Closed Thank you from the team at Oxford Garage. Wishing you all a Happy Easter.

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Professional Servicing


We can provide professional servicing and maintenance work with no loss of manufacturer warranty coverage. For new vehicles as well.

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Our professional advice


Spring isn't everyones favourite time of year. When nature starts to blossom, many drivers have to face the additional hazard of hay fever. Allergy sufferers are considered to be at greater risk, as they have more trouble concentrating at this time of year. So we recommend replacing the cabin…

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Oil and filter change


Your engine oil should be checked and changed regularly or according to the manufacturers specifications. For this, Oxford Garage Bosch Car Service Centre offers you an all-round professional workshop service and a wide range of high quality Bosch products

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Buy four Lassa tyres and receive a £10 gift card. This offer ends on the 31st of March

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Bosch Professional Multiple-Point check


Professional Multiple-Point check If you want to be on the safe side, let us check your car from top to bottom - quickly, thoroughly The multiple-point check from Bosch Car Service guarantees safe driving all year round in any weather. These are some of the items which will be checked by our…

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Quality products at Bosch Car Service


Filters from Bosch – the guardians of the engine For us at Oxford Garage Bosch Car Service there is no doubt about it: Quality filters from Bosch protect the most valuable parts of your vehicle. They can be relied upon to keep dirt, abrasion and minute particles out of the injection system, the…

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Your car does a lot for you, what do you do for your car?


Get it serviced at Bosch Car Service Contact us today and make an appointment for your next service. We will make sure that your car is going to thank you

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Professional winter check at your local BCS Centre


When weather turns cold, our workshop experts can be relied upon to ensure safe driving through the winter months. We check that the most important components of your car are in proper working order and generally prepared for coping with the winter – from the battery right through to the…

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Your car does a lot for you


What can you do for your car? Take care of your car and your car will take care of you. Oxford Garage Bosch Car Service offer: - Servicing to manufacturer’s standard - Without affecting your manufacturers warranty using Quality parts and fair pricing.  

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